maandag 23 mei 2011

Sonday 8 May

Today I was at a family party. It was for my sister's Easter. I only went along because they were cooking for us and I know from previous years and parties that it is not so bad.When we arrived we ate soup and an appetizer. Then we played some football in the garden and then it was time for the main course. After the main course, we played a game. It was getting late so we ate a dessert. We played one more game and then we went home. There I watched some TV and I went to sleep.

zondag 22 mei 2011

Saturday 23 April 2011

Today I am with my parents and sister to the German Trier. We stood with our camper at the Mosel, about 5 km from the centre. We could easily ride by bike along the Mosel and visit the beautiful city. When we arrived, I found it wasn’t so busy, so we cycled a bit further. We put our bikes somewhere and then we visited the Dom, a large church whit a beautiful monastery behind. When we walked a bit further, we clashed on the Porta Nigra, a large city gate. We could not visit it because we had our dog Darro and dogs were not allowed. So we took our bikes and we drove back a bit further. We saw a large medieval house with a beautiful garden located at a city park. Then we decided to cycle to a coliseum to cycling. It was worth it because it was still in a quite good condition. It was getting late so we drove back to the camper and we went to sleep.